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Professional Pest Management was referred to me by a friend. My attic had been invaded by RATS 🙁 . Paul and Mark showed up on time for the initial look see and both were very professional in both appearance and actions. They showed me photos of my attic ( cause I certainly wasn’t going up there ) and told me my options. I decided to have the attic cleaned, sanitized and all the insulation removed and replaced. Mark did the actual work and it wasn’t an easy job. The access to my attic is small and hard to get to. Mark worked for three days in a HOT, cramped space which would have made me one grouchy camper but he was a champ. Just a really sweet, nice guy. I have many animals including dogs and parrots. He was so good with the animals and went above and beyond to assure that they were okay through the process. Gotta love that!
The job is done and I miss Mark 🙁
I do not have one negative thing to say about this company and as a Realtor I will be recommending them to my clients.

Thanks Mark and Paul for making my home a safer, cleaner, rat free place to live

Heather F.

Studio City, CA


“Our healthcare facilities are very delicate and can be a challenge with the sensitivity of our patients.  I’ve had my facility serviced by the owner for many years now, and  I continue to stay with him because i know that he will never put my business at risk .  I know that if theres something i need i can call and it will be taken care of promptly.  I highly recommend anyone to Professional Pest Management.  With them you know your getting a fair price, great service, and a long term relationship that will last.”

Ryan McCook



“I called Professional Pest Management out because i had ants all throughout my office, break room and warehouse.  It seemed like they were taking over the place.  After about two days all the ants were gone.  Its been a few weeks now and we haven’t seen a single ant.  We’re super impressed with the thorough service they provided to us.  I would never call anyone else again.”

Jeff Allbee- Warehouse Manager

One World Direct

“I had Paul come out to my house because of a bee infestation. He came out gave me a great price and saved as many bees as it was possible and then cleared out the rest and the residual honey. They were neat and left the garage in immaculate condition. I was so impressed that they now do my monthly pest control. Fair to say I highly recommend them.”

Kelly D

Eastvale, CA



Paul is honest and fair. His crew is excellent. I feel comfortable with Professional Pest Control and would recommend them to everyone.  They are ahead of the rest.

For example, other companies “rent” you equipment that you could simply buy in a few months for what you are paying in rent. Professional pest control sells you what you need so you save money.  And unlike other companies who charge you rent and take back the equipment if you cancel, the equipment is yours to keep.

Their service is impeccable. Obviously they can’t control everything that happens all the time but they have been very responsive whenever we have needed them.

Their prices are fair and their service is excellent. I am paying less than what I was paying and the service is better. Five stars for sure!


KC Whitworth

Highland Care  Center of Redlands



Thanks paul and to you’re brother…..for taking care of these mice and critters…..great hospitality..looking forward to do future business….

Christian A.

Compton, CA



I wanted to use a local company for my service and found Paul at Professional Pest Management.  We had a significant problem with spiders and a few rodents.  Professional Pest Management  service came out within 6 hours of my call.  They set traps and sprayed on day one.  The service rep came back the following day and removed a few guests that had found the traps.  Since then we have had them coming every other month.  They always take down the cob webs from the eves of the roof and spray the outside and garage.  We seldom see any bugs or spiders since we have had the service.  We like the fast response and professional service we have received from everyone in the company.

Gary D.

Eastvale, CA



Just had our first service yesterday. My wife commented that the technician spraying was the most thorough she’s seen and that he was very professional. So grateful….sick of these ants!!’ Glad to have a great company take care of us. I recommend Professional Pest Management.

Ryan M.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Professional pest management is a great company. I also own a pest control company and use them for difficult jobs I can’t get to. They can handle any pests and I highly recommend Paul since he has a lot of experience and gives great deals and can finish the work professionally.

Craig Broadhead

Pacific Pest Control



Yes, I am a FAN!  Paul came out for and estimate & was
1. On time
2. Clean
3. Well-dressed & nice!
4. Fast
5. Most importantly, PROFESSIONAL.

Gina A.

Orange, CA




The best pest control around! Paul came out on a last minute notice and took care of my pest problems! His bug juice is the good stuff and last along time. I recommend his services for any and all unwelcome visitors!!!

Norm B.

Eastvale, CA




I just wanted to say how pleased I was with your service and with everyone I met.  Everyone was professional and polite, clean, respectful of me and my house.  It was also nice to see that they were dressed in a very professional manner.  I have had people come to do work for me over the years and most of them came in their grubby clothes, left a mess, and because I am a woman, did not respect me and tried to make me feel like I had no clue about the job at hand, in spite of the fact that I usually do my research before I hire people.  Also appreciative was that there was no hidden costs, no unexpected add ons.  Many other contractors have started jobs here and then start saying that they need to add costs for all kinds of reasons.  With you, everything was up front.  There were no surprises (other than discovering that bees had also taken residence here!)  I greatly appreciate your integrity and professionalism.

I will recommend you to others in a heart beat, and when I am ready, will call you for tenting the house to get rid of the termites.

My best to Mark, Paul, and Mark.

Thank you so much

Rosine S.


These guys are awesome!  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good family owned company.


Jason C.





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