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Skilled Nursing Facilities


Outdoor landscape is the first impression someone searching for a new Skilled Nursing Facility will experience. Speaking from an administrator point of view, that survey window is the most stressful time of your career. The last thing you want to be thinking of is if there are a trail of ants leading to the kitchen. With gopher season coming several times per year in Southern California, we are typically busy all year long helping eliminate and preventing your lawns from becoming an eyesore. We do a thorough inspection of your facility inside and out.  Give our recommendations of any unforeseen problems that might arise from rats or mice that might find their way into your facility.  The type of weather that we experience here from San Bernardino to San Diego County make it perfect for termites, ants, roaches, etc. to take up these facilities as their home. Skilled nursing facilities, in many cases, lack the knowledge and manpower to alleviate the types of problems that we solve everyday. We know the rules and regulations of the industry as it pertains to chemicals and locations of traps in order to make sure that you are compliant come survey season with pest management. Whether you are an Administrator In Training, an Administrator, Director or Owner, you can rely on Professional Pest Management to take care of your facility.

Pest management for Skilled Nursing Facilities bring with it a unique set of skills and experience required. For many years, Professional Pest Management has been caring for these much needed buildings. We help reduce and eliminate any of your pest problems inside and out. As anyone in the skilled nursing industry knows, there are certain requirements that you have to follow involving traps, chemicals and proper disposal of waste. For this very reason we are the premier commercial pest control company of choice for most facilities. Having contracts in all 5 counties of Southern California has helped us service all of our accounts without any problems. Prevention is key, but if you already have pest problems we can eliminate those and set you up for a lifetime of prevention. Call our office today for an inspection and quote of your facility

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