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This service agreement shall be continued for a minimum period of (12) twelve months according to the dates and pricing listed above on this agreement.  After the initial one-year period, service will continue until canceled with a (30) thirty day written notice.  PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT will provide continuous service under the terms and conditions indicated in this agreement.  This service does not include control or prevention of termites or any other wood-destroying organism, bees, or wildlife.

PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT shall not be liable for any claim for personal loss, property loss, or structural damage caused by pests.  Virtually all pesticides have some odor that may be present for a short time after application.  If you or any member of your household is sensitive to chemical odor or chemicals, PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT recommends you consult your family physician prior to treatment.  A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be charged on past due accounts (30 days after service date) and a service fee of $25.00 on all returned checks.  No service will be rendered on accounts past due 90 days or more.  Accounts past due 90 days are subject to cancellation.

The first service performed on a home under 3,400 square feet has a minimum cost of $175.00.  An initial treatment costing less than $175.00 is based on a minimum (12) twelve-month agreement as indicated above.  If service is canceled prior to fulfilling the (12) twelve-month agreement by refusing to receive or pay for service as indicated in the above calendar and pricing, for any reason, the customer agrees to pay the difference between $175.00 and the discounted price of the initial treatment.

PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT’S first treatment may include serving the interior of the home for specific pest infestations.  PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT will service the exterior of the home for all future treatments.  However, the interior and the exterior of the home are always under warranty which may incur an additional charge.  If the customer would like the inside or additional outside service, once notified PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT will treat the interior and/or the exterior of the home at no additional charge.