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Do I have to leave my home when they fumigate?
Are there treatments you offer as an alternative to a fumigation?
What should I know about the termite swarming process


How long do treatments last?


Is Termite treatment harmful to pets?
Are you insured?
If I have a termite problem after you provide treatment, will you come back?


How quickly will the bugs disappear?
Can you spray during the rainy season?


Will watering my grass wash away the products you are using?


Why do I need to sign up for one year?


What if I still see some bugs after you spray?


Do I need to be home every time?


Will the chemicals harm my baby?


Does the stuff you’re spraying smell?
I have a vegetable garden, Will it harm my vegetables?
What is a “Re-service”?
Will the same technician be assigned to my house always?
Is there an advantage to using Green Products?
Do you offer any Green Products to service us with?
How will I know when you are coming?
What do you guys do different?
Can I give the technician a key to come and service my facility?
Do you offer night service?
Do you have set times for service?



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